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I had the B3 kit fitted as one of the first batch Kevin released for sale.

I haven't done a review yet, but it is safe to say that it's pretty remarkable.

All my issues with the OE setup are gone, it now feels planted and stable and feelsome whilst being more comfortable & compliant over sharp bumps.

The delicious single 'thwump' you get over a nasty ridge without any shudder or upset of the car, the way the rears keep driving over broken tarmac withouth the little yellow flash.

The way you turn in to a corner with amazing precision now and find yourself inch perfect even when passing overbanding or catseyes or road repairs, the way the car moves across lanes so quick without any swaying or excessive momentum. Steering from the rear is now second nature where possible.

It feels like a quality setup, just perfect for the car and UK driving.

Most telling of all, the wife has NOT noticed the change at all.

And out of town on nice sweeping (nut bumpy) A roads we can now be moving at least 10-20mph faster before she looks up and says 'mike - watch your speed'.

Believe me that's impressive.

All I can say to you is read the BMW mag article at post#1 again, in detail, they are right, it is that good

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