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Originally Posted by Straight6r View Post
It's stupid comments like this that make being a BMW fan so hard sometimes. Some jackass who is completely ignorant to the comments he is making and can't take any enjoyment in the fact that some people actually love their cars instead of constantly trashing every little detail and problem with them. Here is an idea... if you hate your cars so much, sell them and take the bus. Then you can bitch about everything about them as-well, but those of us who like our cars wont have to hear about it.

I think it is great that this guy loves his car. I wish more BMW owners had his view on things. Would make this site a lot more enjoyable to be on.
where did i say i hate my car? i guess madison avenue has a stronghold on you for you to believe a car has a soul. you probably believe in unicorns, astrology, the tooth fairy and organized religion too