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Originally Posted by arcrox View Post
Good on you for ignoring those douches and letting them waste their gas.
Well not being an environmentalist I say wasting gas is a good thing. However, I agree - good choice to ignore them. I saw a bumper sticker on a Prius once that read "I am proud of my carbon footprint"... I thought, I need that bumper sticker. Go Go 17mpg spirited driving! I'm certainly proud of how LARGE my footprint is on the forehead of my Prius opponents!

Originally Posted by RED FURY View Post
Nice restraint ... CLASS ACT !!!
Again, agreed.

Originally Posted by MnK6 View Post
Thats MD for you. I drive on 270 everyday going to and from work, I have 4Runners, Corollas, Camrys, Civics, CRVs, Altimas etc etc driving crazy, tailgating me all the time. I m just used to it now. At least it was modded WRX STI that was trying to race you, better than 4cylinder Camrys and Rav4s which i encounter every single day anytime of the day. MD driving is so much fun and exciting!
I lived in central MD for a while and found that on occasion someone would pull up next to me and dart off the line at a stop light, but never did I have someone honk at me or really try to get me to race. I haven't driven up and down 270 since the hayday of my e36 m3... but even then I didn't have it happen. I must not attract those sorts of people .


I was cruising home one day in the left lane with 'generous throttle input' and had someone speed by me and cut me off in a rather... unaggressive way then proceed to brake lightly without cause. This person was surely trying to slow me down. A mercury 2 door with dark tint... I hit the voice instruction button on the steering wheel and instructed the vehicle to overtake this thing braking in front of me. In a flash he was behind me. Some people... btw, the correct command is 'Idiot ahead, overtake', and of course the N54 will immediately react.

MD is more or less a decent place to drive, except for the occasional idiot.

It takes maturity to avoid racing on these roads. I cruise at my desired speed. If someone tries to make it into a race I slow down and ignore. I'm commuting, not racing.

Technically you cannot have any street racing topics on this forum.

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