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Originally Posted by gboop View Post
How expensive are we talking about here? I'm sure it's under $1k to get the bumper and hood done with labour?
Doubtful - the kit alone for bumper, full hood & fenders likely costs close to, or over $1k; almost no one does 60" film, and even less do 60" film kits. My guess is for venture plus (the clear coated stuff), full front end (hood, fenders, bumper, all lights), the kit is ~$900 by itself.

The other option is to use bulk film, but most bulk film looks pretty terrible, and you would have to custom cut everything.

FWIW, I used to think clear bras were overpriced, but now that I know what the quality film costs (particularly the kits, since you have to pay for them and pay for the licensing), I don't. Most guys who do it well charge a labor rate equivalent to most good detailers/tinters, etc.