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DMS 320d remap review

DMS 320d remap review


hi group ,
I am truly stunned that i was missing out on performance this accessble.
the review.
painless from start to finish, the tech james from DMS arrived on my doorstep and started his technical wizardry with eproms and flashers . a half hour later the car was ready for a spin and he came along with me as this was just to test that the system integrity was not compromised .Then i took it out for a long fast 100 mile spin, i should mention here that i have driven 19000 mls and the engine was well bedded in.
what was immedeatly apparent was that the engine did not sound as strangled as it did before the upgrade, there was no noticeble difference in first and second gear performance under 1200-1500 rpms , its when you engage 3rd gear that you start noticing that the world was going quicker than normal. in gear acceleration is phenomenol to say the least there is no more the need to change down from third gear when moving about the town as the sheer torque would pull you clean from 1200 rpms on till it revs very freely up to 3800 when it does become a little hoarse .
fourth above 1800 rpm is a doodle just a flex of your right foot and you are already at the ton and hunting desperately for a higher gear , fifth comes in a blur and now the need for changing down from sixth during motorway maneouvres is a thing of the past .
i was truly surprised at the amount of grunt available for overtaking at 2000 rpm just press you foot down and you are in speeds which would make you a speedwalker for life with her majestys goverment looking very unfavorably on you.
up in the hills the sheer torque this car now pisses comes into its own and you end up with a manic grin in the flashing dtc light, just make sure you have enough tyre tread left because trust me it will ,compared to the unchipped version, rip your face off and shred the tyres to boot .
i dont know how many of our group have noticed a flat spot in the torque curve while normal driving around in the city at about 12-1300 rpm , well that is a thing of the past . the milage that it gave me on the motorway blast and the sheer drivebility of this car now on city roads has made the Dms chip the one to have its seriously fast and something that every car enthusiast should have ......right DMS make the cheque out to ...
thanks for the support guys . hope this helps :rocks: