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TPMS Help ...

Background ... 2011 e92 coupe MSport, factory wheels, TPMS work great

So, LC Dynas show up and the tire shop transfers the sensors. But they dont fit quite right on the fronts and the shop was not aware they are angle adjustable, so they are mounted inverted (as if it were a reverse drop wheel ... sensor just sticking up in the barrel). Get in, TPMS immediately says I need to reset, so I do. Few minutes later "TPM Malfunction".

So, take it back to the shop and they inspect the sensors and find nothing worng. Reset again ... "TPM Malfunction".

Search e90 and realize they are adjustable and back to the shop I go. They adjust them to sit properly. Reset ... "TPM Malfunction" and now it doesnt go away.

Of to the dealer ... clears codes and determines left front and rear sensors are bad. I buy two new one from the dealer and install them. Reset ... "TPM Malfunction".

Back to dealer ... clears codes and left front (brand new), left rear (brand new), and front right (old one that was inverted) all read "remaining life = 0" ... basically battery is dead ... he says that they are not communicating to the controller. Right rear is reading great.

Soooooooo ... today I order a complete set of new sensors that Zoeb normally sends out (same ones Gary @ TireRack sells) ... so the next idea is replace them all at once and do another master reset on the TPMS controller.

Anyone have any other ideas ? Tech mentioned maybe the antenna got damanged somehow. Where is the TPMS antenna in a 2011 ? He's swapped valve stem caps and the basic stuff.

Factory wheels were 18" and these are 19" ... if that makes a difference.

Please help ...