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Somewhat sorry to resurrect an old thread... but I had a bad experience with Motorwerks service the other day.

I went to have a part replaced. I knew the replacement is a bit tricky, which is why I didn't do it myself. They quoted an hour of labor, which seemed high to me but possibly reasonable. The SA said the design of the part was bad, and I knew this to be true. So, I agreed to

Well, since they have windows to the service bays, I watched...

* They didn't pull my car into the bay for an hour - OK, stuff happens, no biggie

* The part was replaced in about 10 minutes.

* The tech walks away and the car stays up on the lift for about 15 minutes with no one around

(At this point, I'm thinking he needs more help or a part or something along those lines. At the time, I didn't realize he had already completed work)

* The tech returns to the car and it comes off the lift with no more work done, and I can see the part is replaced and working from my vantage point.

So, now I wait another 15 minutes in the upstairs waiting room, thinking I'll be paged to come claim the car - they give you one of those restaurant-style pagers (which is nice). Nope, nothing. OK, I figure it's a big place, it takes a while for the paperwork to circulate. I wait a few more minutes, then:

* I walk outside, and sure enough, there's my car ready for pickup.

OK, I'm sure the SA will be right along with the paperwork. So I hang out in the cashier's office. For *another* 25 minutes.

I finally lose my patience (the car's been sitting in my sight for 25 minutes and it was done 40-45 minutes before that) and walk over to the cashier and she's nice and tells me that no, she hasn't paged me yet but lo and behold, she just then got my paperwork. OK, great, hey, WTF, they're still charging an hour for labor?

F that. Seriously.

So I get the SA manager to come around and tell him that I could see that they spent only 15 minutes - TOPS - on my car and I'm not paying the equivalent of a $600 hourly rate for that. He's bitchy about it, but he takes the paperwork and "investigates."

10 minutes later, he comes back and offers to cut the labor significantly, and I agree to that, even though frankly it's too much still.

So, congratulations Motorwerks, you took a 15 minute job, tried to make it look like it was longer, and tried to bill for it to boot - plus you didn't even start work until an hour after my appointment. Wasted my time and had their hands on my wallet at the same time. Hey guys, I'm not paying your tech to take a dump or smoke break - especially while I'm waiting for the car. Maybe you should frost out those windows to the service bay...

Oh well, they don't call them stealerships for nothing!

OK, that's off my chest - rant mode off.