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Originally Posted by escobar929 View Post
think that will be a great fight, it was also annouced Sonnen vs Silva 2 in Jan

I'm a huge Silva fan and this really pisses me off because he won that fight legitimately. He finished Sonnen in the 5th round with a submission so I don't understand how that justifies an immediate rematch in Sonnen's favour. If anything, if Silva lost the fight in the 1st round, by decision or whatever means he deserves a rematch. Silva doesn't have to prove anything, he's been the champ for years and defended his title time and time again.

Full credit to Sonnen bringing it to Silva but I hope Silva comes into this fight 100% with no injuries because we'll see him at his best. Hopefully he KO's Sonnen before he gets taken down but that might be asking too much.

I don't see the point in this rematch. I'm not saying it should never happen but I think there are others who deserve it more than Sonnen at the moment. Sonnen had his chance and he lost. End of story. He should wait in line again. If Silva wins again it does not prove anything. I think UFC is trying to squeeze every cent out of this fight.