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Originally Posted by headlee103 View Post
This is just dumb!

Why wouldnt they have a rematch? Silva hasnt had an exciting fight in over a year or so besides Sonnen. This is entertainment remember??? I think Silva is a great fighter and very talented, but no one wants to see a douche bag dance around the ring for 5 rounds and win by decision because he landed 5 punches compaired to his oppenents 2. The whole crowd was into the Sonnen fight, everybody watching at home thought they were gonna see an upset, a rematch will just bring in more money.... its called a business.
+1.. I can't wait to see this rematch! No one else has been able to take it to Silva like that..

On another note.. wow.. TUF looks to be great this season.. for me it already outdid the last season by leaps and bounds in the first 30 min alone. All of the fighters have that killer instinct I like to see. And I've said it before, I love it when fights are FINISHED!!
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