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Originally Posted by Leo_328i View Post
We get so badly raped here in Australia when it comes to car prices. A second hand E36 325i in good condition is still worth about $10,000.

Brand new M3 here is like $187,000 on the road.

I can't wait to leave this fucked up country and go to the USA! They dick us for doing 3km/h (less than 2mph) over the speed limit too.
If it makes you feel any better, some states (like VA) you get nailed for 2mph above speed limit too. Oh and Every mile above 90mph is a mandatory day in jail, and there is such a thing as $3000 tickets.

Not as bad as Aussie but not that great. Every year you pay about 5% personal property tax on the value of your car. But I am also sure, they use that huge tax on cars on services we don't have via the government here too, so the gap is smaller than it may appear at first. Its a choice of what to charge you for. Maybe your home property taxes are lower or none existent, so you buy a home here, you can afford much less car when you factor in taxes etc. Maybe you have free health care over there? Here you choose what type of health insurance you want. You can take your chances, or pay through the nose for a good policy. Either way, its unrealistic to compare prices like apples to apples. What I do think we have here in aces is more freedom and choice of what to spend our $$$ on, while over there, its mostly dictated by the taxation laws.

So you are forced to give up having a swanky ride for some other benefit you may or may not care as much for.
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