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Originally Posted by 335iTrace View Post
I think its crap these are being sold in the middle east... I am not stealing this thread, but simply saying that those two cars should go to someone who is truly passionate about cars not just someone with a huge wad of oil ash that already has 100 in their garage all with low number plates.

Great example of both cars, hopefully they end up with someone who deserves them and will keep them this mint
If there's one specific car brand that Arab people especially love it's BMW. When I was overseas there were so many E30's, E21's, E28's, E34's, every type of Bimmer imaginable running around. Even a lot of 2002's still running around as DD's.

I hope the cars end up with one of the many true enthusiasts and not just some rich oil tycoon who wants to bolster his collection.
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