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My upgrade path so far, Eibach Pro kit, Staggered 19 inch wheels on Hankook V12 K110

I though I would share my experiences so far with my 2008 Xi coupe,

First I come from a 2006 330i with ZSP suspension ( and 2003 before that with the same setup) and I loved the ride and handling of those cars , second this is my daily driver on which I put around 25K miles a year so comfort is important and last as a play toy I have a 2002 Miata that is set up for autoX with a fully adjustable suspension ( lots of fun). My wife also had a 2007 335xi but I never really drove it aggressively so I could not use it as a reference.

I first got the car mid July , it came with the sport pack 189 wheels and Bridgestone RE050 tires as I had sold this kit even prior to getting the car I did not really have time to assess it, but I was very surprised with how unglued the car felt when I took my first on ramp aggressively , I have to say I was very disappointed and could not wait to get the RFTs off and install other wheels

So first upgrade was to go on a square setup with General UHP 235/40/19 all around on VMR 715s 19X 8.5 I had these lying around as it was the one I had put on my wifeís car,
After I went for a drive to test them I came back home and apologized to her for having let her drive on these for 3 years , I was very surprised on how bad the car behaved with lots of body roll , unstable and twitchy and downright scary if you carried good speed in the curves . The reason I was so surprised is that I had the same tires on the 330i (235F and 275R) and while the car pushed a lot I loved them


Second upgrade was a new set of wheels and Tire I went with Miro 313 reps with Hankook V12 K110 235/35/19F and 265/30/19 R
Wow talk about night and day difference I expected better but not such a drastic difference, car feels planted with a lot less understeer then my 330i had , confidence is back and I feel comfortable taking a curve at a good clip that I will be able handle it

Miro 942 with Hankook V12

Third upgrade was to install Eibach springs on the stock shocks , after much reading here on suspension upgrades and understanding my needs and requirements ( this is my DD remember) I decided on a 2 part upgrade which is try the springs first an see how I like them and if Iím not happy with them install then install Bilstein dampers. I understand that will be paying twice for install going that route but it took the shop 1h30 to install the springs which is only $125 worth it IMO They where installed yesterday and I have not driven much in them yet but I have to say I like them a lot, I was expecting a much harsher ride but its very close to what I had on the 330, you feel the bumps and road imperfections more but itís not harsh also it does not feel as if the car will break going across rail track, obviously I will drive more before making final judgment but so far so good

Dropped with Eibach Pro Spring


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