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Originally Posted by cormeister616 View Post
Is AiB closer to the factory look? Or MTECH?
I've had Weisslicht and AiB in my car. To me, AiB's color best matches the OEM 4200K HID headlights. They probably tie LUX H8 in intensity but do NOT match the color/brightness of the LCI 2011 E92 headlamps.

I prefer the design and color of Weisslicht. Its intensity is slightly reduced compared to AiB and LUX, but the color is a more bluish/purple-white light, something more equivalent to 6000K.

There are several distinct advantages to the Weisslicht H8 fixture:

-The ballasts, or LED driver packs are encased in aluminum and are not required to be mounted outside of the headlamp housing. They also use very secure connections.

-The LEDs are mounted on spring-loaded "arms" that expand into the housing, directing the LEDs into the light pipe areas. This is the most effective placement of the LEDs and doesn't result in light "bleeding" into the cornering lamp fixture. HID-based AE kits are horrid for this-- it looks as if you have the headlights on because so much extra light is projected forward through the cornering lamp.

-No external heatsinks required. The installation is pretty straightforward.

-Price. The Weisslicht H8 kit is reasonably-priced compared to their competitors.

I'm now considering putting my AiB up for sale and going back to Weisslicht. I'm not so happy with the electronics, specifically the design of the connectors. It has resulted in one fried ballast already.