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Originally Posted by ZiM View Post
those figures are very interesting... i guess those revs to change gear at (since they are the optimum) would be when it gears in DS mode?

actually, i have a question about that...

if you are in manual mode, but DONT change gears does it operate exactly like the DS mode or does it push it even further?

as far as i can see it is the same if not similar, so what on earth is the point? your not exactly going to change up earlier than the optimum in manual mode, at which point it does it for you anyway.... so why?

i wish manual was proper manual (i.e. it does NO gearing for you, it just messes things up)...
There are actually 4 automatic modes to your gearbox. In 'D' you have 'economy' and 'extreme economy' and in 'DS' you have 'sport' and 'extreme sport'. You select between D and DS and your car selects between the sub-modes depending on driving style (monitoring yaw, braking, steering and throttle). The sub-mode restarts everytime you come to a complete standstill.

So if you drive hard in DS - you will go into extreme sport mode and redline in each gear. Drive a little less hard and you will stay in sport and short shift slightly.

In manual the box will only change up when you are redlining and down when you are likely to stall. Obviously it's not a proper manual and this is one of the reasons (in fact probably the only one) why I haven't gone for the 335d.