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Originally Posted by Mr. 5 View Post
Remember what I said in the intial post though...

1. The Torque curve throughout the RPM band with your car. Someone else's curve may not necessarily be the same as yours so their shifting points may be different.

I am only providing a tool for the community to determine their optimal shifting point.
The torque curve on a procede may be different than the torque curve of the GIAC tune so this is why one would need to do use this tool with their curve.

Another example would be comparing my GIAC Race tune with this GIAC stage 1 tune. The shifting points of my race tune is different than the stage 1 tune.
I do understand that, but as I wrote before I would rely on practical tests to determine the best (for acceleration) shifting point rather than on theoretical calculations.
I do believe one can get a bit different results.
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