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Originally Posted by rickwjenn View Post
It looks good in pictures and you did a great job.

A question - doesn't the whole "fake CF" bother you? To me it is like putting an M badge on a base car.
a bmw m3 comes with carbon fiber interior fabric trim as an option fyi...its not real carbon and it comes from the factory like that..are you saying they should remove the M off that car too cause they did not use real carbon in the interior? dont actually answer that btw... but clearly we are doing it for a look not to save weight..

anyone that tells you they are "switching" their interior trim on their e90 (or any car planned for tracking) to real carbon fiber to save weight and increase strength (which is why race cars use it on some parts) is shooting themselves in the foot because if they were really concerned about weight they wouldn't have an interior trim at all

there are certain things however that i do agree with you on the fake issue..such as the two fake upper exhausts on the lexus ISF for instance, thats just sad..but ultimately when it comes down to it the weight savings seen from switching to real carbon fiber trim is akin to the difference of if i took my morning shit prior to tracking my car that day or not, and even further, with the amount of money saved on wrapping ourselves, i can now spend the supplemental cash on ensuring i have enough toilet paper to now guarantee i will in fact produce that morning deuce...therefor canceling out the trim replacement in the first place