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Thumbs down Extremely Disappointed with my New 320i Brisbane

Hey All,

I am new to this forum, me and my wife just got our new car on last Friday and on Sat Night when we drove out for dinner the whole engine just shut down when i was driving at 65km/hr on the road, everything was locked and with no other option I have to step hard on the brake and pull handbrake to stop the car. then I try to Start up the car for a few times and drove back home. On my way back home, I noticed the engine went extremely hot and white smoke start to come out from engine bay when I parked my car in the garage.

Car got toll back to the dealer this morning and the New car Sales manager try to give me some BS explanation as this " yeah it is unfortunate this happens and you, you know every car manufacturer such as Toyota, Holden, and Audi always have 1.8% deflects in their manufacturing process and this include BMW in the group" and "don't worry everything is cover by our 3 years roadside assist warranty".......... it is brand new why should I use the warranty in the 2nd day?

Me and my wife has no confident in driving this car again.

Can anyone advise what we could do?

we just got the car for 2 days and the odometer is less than 100km