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Originally Posted by klinkerklu View Post
Congrats, Gary, that's fantastic! We just test drove a 335 yesterday with a friend that will be joining the BMW family and it was very, very nice....the convertibles are hot too.

After 2 weeks in the shop, we also picked up our non-ticking car. Here is the report:
"Test drove car and could not hear noise initially. Had to start car & let idle several times. Found that there is loud lifter noise. Remove valve cover, camshafts, and rocker arms. Found 6 collapsed lifters. The rest look ok at this time. Lifters replaced were in cyl’s 1, 2, & 3 on exhaust side. Put all back together, no more noise at this time. “

This was the third visit since December for this problem, first time they actually repaired anything. They assured us they looked everything over, and there wouldn’t be any long term damage. Hopefully that's true, & this is the end of this mess for us.
Good luck hopefully the repair hold up.