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post to complaints NHTSA

go to:

and fill in the online form. They are still trying to gather statistics. hopefully they will get BMW to repair the source of the problems and not hit the consumer for their mistakes.

This is a HUGE safety issue, do your part to help!!!

here's the order of what happened to me:
1. 15A fuse blew and i got locked in car
2. replaced fuse with another 15A fuse and everything worked fine for a couple months
3. driver actuator starter acting up intermitingly, then stopped working completely after a month
4. replaced driver actuator only, not both like the service bulletin says (will post DIY soon, i keep promising). btw, the new one is from a different supplier, so there is a new version being sold now. I get these for about $175, so let me know if you need one. i may be able to help.
5. 6-months later the 15A fuse blew again, could not unlock ANY door except driver with the manual key, passenger had to crawl in and out through drivers side (what a joke! on a $40k car?!?!)
6. replaced 15A fuse with 20A fuse, everything seams OK for now....

AND THE BMW door lock and window nightmares continue. They need to hire some japs to do their electrical systems, they just can't get it right.