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Guys, thanks for the feedback and reply.

The service manager called me yesterday and identify the issue as follows.
Interrogate vehicle for engine warning light on. Vehicle ran poorly and smoke came from engine.

Vehicle had faults with the inlet and exhaust camshaft sensors.
Clean both sensors and refit to vehicle.

The explanation from the service manager " there are DUST/ DIRT covered in the sensor and which cause all the issue". And everything is fixed now.

the Sales manager refer this issue as very MINOR issue and its unfortunate to you and to us. When I question the Sales Manager if they have ran a pre-delivery check before they selling it to the customer he said he did, but when I question him about how this issue havent been identify during the predelivery process, he couldnt answer and just ignore my question.

I try to escalate this issue to a higher level within the group, and the Sales manager said OK here is the customer service hotline number from BMW group, feel free to call them anytime.

is this what you really expected from a high end luxuary car like BMW treat their customer?

At the end of the day, we are still not happy with the car and we DEMAND for a new car/ engine replacement , it know it sounds ridiculous, but on the other hand we spend 65k for this car and the amount we paid for the car is for BMW quality not their warranty and in my conversation with the sales manager he has admited the car is defective. And its only the 2nd day… how would I know if the next time when me and my wife drove on a highway and the engine shut down again… maybe we won’t be as lucky as last time?

So what do you guys think I should do?