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Lets get this back into prospective here. The new car developed a fault and fault was rectified within 24 hours. The engine didn't blow up, the defective part was discovered and all has been resolved.

Get in the car and start enjoying it. All this talk about it being a lemon or getting them to give you another car is at this stage totally ridiculious.

I had a brand new commodore many years ago which I drove out of the dealership at 4.45pm with 12klms on the clock and by 6.00pm with 37klms was on a tow truck back to the dealership. I didn't see the car for two weeks while they tried everything to get it going. In the end, I got it back with a brand new automatic transmission which they took out of another car and the car had just over 200klms on the clock as they drove around to diagnoise the problem. I drove that car for 3 years, put 125,000klms on it and never once did it have any other problems.