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Originally Posted by mdyaman View Post
owner loyalty?


how about focusing on BMW service ?
My thoughts exactly ++2

For one thing they should make sure that every BMW dealership also has manpower and equipment to change wheels and tires on there fine cars and not send a customer across the street to a tire shop. I was shocked when told "Oh sorry we don't change tires or wheels here this is done in the tire shop across the street". So I followed the BMW fellow behind his truck to the tire shop.

Then watched how they forced my tire off the wheel and damaged my wheel that I had to take back to Canada for warranty refund? (Photos in my garage).

Also this friendly BMW dealership in Idaho said "Sorry this being a Canadian car we cannot deal with the warranty issue our US and Canadian warranty policies are not the same" ,,, and they went on ... "We can only give you two options one being you call Roadside Assistance and they will tow you to the nearest Canadian BMW dealership" right some 700 miles north LOL then they went on "Or you can purchase the new wheel and take it or ship it back to your home for Canadian warranty refund" I got a new wheel of course, what choice did I have. Then I watched that tire shop damage the wheel.

Naturally my wheel at home did not pass the stringent BMW tolerance of 0.300 mm (0.012") TIR total indicator reading.

Talk about service ... I'm telling you all that dealership was able to do is check and adjust my tire pressure and order a new wheel ... oh yes and hand me a bill for the wheel and overnight delivery. LOL

Yes I am angry ... once I too was a loyal customer 20 years in all

Perhaps more focus should be placed on dealer ships making sure they can service the car they sell.
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