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I'm getting stuck on steps 3 and 4
3) Use two flat screwdrivers and twist clockwise and release the plastic cup.
4) Lift the shifter up as far as it will go while still connected to the linkage. The short shifter sets up on the aluminum bracket. See below or picture 24 and 25 of the attached pdf file.
I turned the plastic cup clockwise and then tried to just yank the lever through so that it looks like pictures 24 and 25. However, it doesn't seem like it wants to budge. Is this another situation where I just need to pull on the lever harder or should I try prying it out with a flat head screw driver?


ok looks like just didn't turn the plastic cup far enough. Popped right out after I turned it further.

I finally finished this mod! I have an 2007 E92 328xi and used the 330 short shift. After I got the plastic cup out the hardest part for me was extracting the circlip without losing it. This is very important because like the others the clips I bought from BMW would not have worked so I needed to keep the original. Since I have large hands it was difficult for me to work in such a small space. So what I did was:

Clip Removal: After step 4 I draped some fishing line onto the clip and then dripped some krazy glue on it to bond them. Once it dried ( 30 seconds ) I was able to push off the clip without fear of dropping it.

Clip Install: I tied the fishing line to the clip since it was now out and accessible. This is where I got creative. I then took a skinny piece of wood ( like a chop stick ) and then krazy glued the top of the clip to the end of the stick. This way I could easily guide it down through the narrow shifter entrance.

I also aimed the shifter the opposite way ( so leaned toward the back of the car ). I found that when I put it in 3rd it was way too close to the radio and 2nd was straight up. The main reason I installed this lever was to shorten the distance it moved to 1st, 3rd, and 5th so installing it the opposite way worked perfectly. However, as a previous post mentioned, the result is not night and day but is noticeable.

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