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I don't really understand Audi's spending of funds to have Iron Man drive an R8. That's a $120,000+ vehicle that most people can't even dream of affording. Are grownups going to buy an Audi because Tony Stark drove one? One could argue that it engraved the Audi image in people's minds, I guess. Cool guy in a cool car, but I wonder how much that translated into actual sales. Are people who are wavering between an A4 and 328 really going to be swayed by that product placement, I'd argue no. I think the more expensive German cars would not fit the same pop culture persuasion as the Asian rockets of Fast and the Furious.

One of the best Audi placements I can remember was in Ronin, when the driver asked for something with some kick (forget the actual adjective), and then said "something like an Audi S8." Funny in that same movie, De Niro chases thieves who are driving a 5 Series.

People always forget that BMW cracked the Bond franchise with the roadster and remote controlled 7 series.
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