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Originally Posted by Imperator View Post
I just replaced my Weisslicht H8 units with EaS AiB. For those interested, I've noted a few differences:

I think the AiB offers slightly higher (brighter) output. It employs a different method of illumination in the H8 fixture, similar to that of LUX, but with one high-power LED per side instead of two in each fixture. The aluminum units are machined to reflect light into each light pipe with a large heatsink on the back to cool the LED.

The AiB is definitely more "pure" white in color, very similar to OEM HID (4300K) color. The Weisslicht units have a hint of blue/purple but look really good.

The Weisslicht units were a bit of a challenge to install, requiring two hands with one to hold the "pincher tool" in place to keep it from spreading as the fixture enters the housing. They turn into place and you can see exactly how each LED aligns with the light pipe. They're very easy to remove. You can tuck the driver pack/ballast into the headlamp cavity to keep it all hidden and water-tight.

The AiB units require very grippy fingers with the help of pliers to turn and "lock" into place. I had to turn the driver's side extra tight to make sure the LED channels aligned with the light pipes. The passenger side doesn't seem to align with the light pipes so easily and is still off by a hair. The driver packs/ballasts are recommended to remain outside of the light fixture by tucking the wires through the lid of the housing. I'm not sure if this is for liability or longevity as the headlamp housings can trap heat.

I'm not sure I would do the upgrade again--I was mostly happy with the Weisslicht LED solution but desired something with brighter output for the daytime. I should be able to better evaluate that tomorrow. I have heard that an updated Weisslicht H8 solution is in the works but I don't have any details on it.
Since you've tested the Weisslicht AE's and the AiB's. which would you say has a nicer overall output both during the day and night?