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Originally Posted by chumley View Post
Mine does the same and I think it's the single most annoying aspect of the car. It's so pronounced that it requires minor steering corrections. To me, it feels exactly like power is being distributed alternately between the rear wheels and the car is being "steered" by the difference in power going to each wheel.

BTW - I have 265 non run flats in the rear and it doesn't seem to make much difference whether DTC is enabled, partially or fully disabled. I honestly don't see how some of these guys running tunes, meth, full bolt ons, etc can stand to drive it this way.

From what I've read, it can be remedied with an LSD and an assortment of M3 suspension parts. I honestly don't think I have the resolve to sink another $3k-$4k into it at this point.
You've nailed it. That's exactly how it feels. Caught me off guard a few times, as if the car is rocking for side to side. Kind of like a lizard running on it's hind legs

Regardless, it's not really annoying enough for me to seek a rememdy. Under most other circumstances things are very smooth (8/10 or below).... Actually 1/10 is a bitch to drive smoothly too (after more than 10 years of driving manuals)