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I bought an E60 5 series (and it cost a lot more than $65k) and it broke down on start up at 5.30AM and zero degrees on the second day I had it 300k from home and 150km from the nearest dealer – whom I did not buy it from. It suddenly died and smelt like an electrical fire.

BMW road side assist sent a cow cocky around with some jumper leads who just shrugged. They then send a truck loaded it up and me and 5 hours after break down we arrived at the dealer. They arranged a replacement car while they fixed mine and I went on my way 8 hrs behind schedule. Short story they fixed the car and I did 60 thousand k’s of trouble free motoring in it.

Some honest advise (and don’t take it the wrong way):

- drive the car and if its fine then just move on and forget it. Tell your wife to get over it too. Cars break down – FACT. You were unluckly, what matters is how they look after you when it does;
- those who say demand a new car are full of shit. You will not get one in Australia;
- people are starving all over the world, if the biggest problem we ever have is our BMW breaks down and is fixed and returned to us without too much inconvenience then we have little to complain about.

Hope you enjoy the car.

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