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Originally Posted by dingaling7 View Post
Since you've tested the Weisslicht AE's and the AiB's. which would you say has a nicer overall output both during the day and night?
At night- Weisslicht. The light output is precise but with a slightly purplish tinge. It matches the color of the door handle LEDs but slightly contrasts with the headlights. Unfortunately, it can get washed out in direct daylight. I still notice they're on if I look at the car's reflection in a window, but they're not as bright as I'd like.

At day- AiB. I believe the LEDs are just a bit more powerful but the color just about perfectly matches the 4200K output from the OEM HIDs.

Once my replacement ballasts arrive, I think I'm going to take one of the AiBs out and put in a Weisslicht unit, then take pictures for a direct comparison of both units in the same car.