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Sorry for the lack of updates guys but been flat out with work combined with a house move! I believe I now somewhat resemble a panda =P, Grills and side grills now painted black. Workshop is in progress of installing LSD (FINALLY!), BSH Oil catch can is in! Now working out issues with with excessive rubbing from the tires! (I think I went with a too large profile at the front 245/35 instead of 245/30 so it should be fixed, what is a hassle is the rears because the other workshop that did the body work, didnt do a good job fitting the rear guard liners (M3 oem) its very hard to determine whether the issue is the tire 285/30 or the way the guard liner was fitted to the custom fenders (read: siliconed to the fender *GRRRR*)

I've had issues with the battery which prevented Patrys from being able to do the updates that I wanted around activating things like auto folding mirrors and TV in motion!

However, I've managed in fully install the new stereo components (SWS-8s subs and also running these from a digital Alpine amp, in addition to the alpine upgrade from BMW so now running two digital amps!)

Pretty excited, but at the same time kicking myself for not doing enough research and planning prior to kicking this off, which has now resulted in this damn project stretching out to nearly one year!
Too much to list......