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Originally Posted by cruvon View Post
I mean doesn't the computer flash an engine or similar warning light to the driver much before it actually shutdowns the engine to indicate there was a dirt buildup on the sensors considering that it's such a critical component that could bring the engine to it's knees? Surely the dirt might have been on it right from the beginning considering is a new car.
A computer or engine management system can only give a warning if a specific event is programmed and the computer is still in control. If that were the case the computer would give a warning and then shutdown the engine in a controlled manner. Clearly that does not seem to be the case here where the engine (and potentially the computer) suffered a catastrophic failure in mid-flight at 65km/h.

At some point after the car was restarted, the engine warning light came on (as reported by the service manager), but it's easier to report a rare failure after the fact than it is to predict and prevent it.