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Originally Posted by rsmallwo View Post
what locking nuts you got?

Have you got Mcguards? they have a funny shape "key" that isn't as easy to replicate.

Did you have the "standard" nuts that are in a multispoke fashion, these are dead easy to get off.

BMW sell the Mcguard nuts that in black for 35, cheaper than Hellfrauds too.

Time for a CCTV camera maybe?
Just had the standard that came with the car 3 weeks ago, when i get everything replaced eventually i will get four different sets and make it as difficult as possible for them!

Apart from the wheels missing there wasn't a scratch on the car, they were really professional. The car is parked 10 yards from our ground floor apartment which is in a block of 6 others, that is in the middle of a development of more apartments and houses, no noise no alarm nothing.

I have been laying into the resident comittee about security, they are a bunch of old farts and all they seem to care about is the quality of the rhododendrons and whos parking in whos space!!!
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