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Originally Posted by Nr!qUe View Post
I also have a similar scenario. I have an E90 LCI with non sport suspension and would like to lower it. I think lowering it down to sport suspension height would be fine. Could i just swap out my springs and shocks to the Sport ones? or just the springs? Or would i need to swap out something else in addition?
Thanks in advance
I have a 335i and am working with Harold..planning to do all the M3 suspension bits front and rear, M3 sways front and rear, rear subframe bushings, OS Giken LSD, and Swift/AST coilovers..Harold recommends the spring rates you are running 400/800, but i was thinking taking a step down to 350/700 only b/c I live in NY with crappy roads and the cars is gonna be primarly street driven.

Can anyone comment on whether 400/800 to be a decent ride comfort wise..I dont mind a stiffness but worried about how its gonna feel when hitting bumps/potholes?

Any feedback would be great..THX