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Welcome Scott.

To back up what some of the other members have said, the reliability I've had from my E90 has been good too - generally the issues are electronics related, but fixed with firmware updates.

Service for me has been 10/10 compared to any dealer I've been to.

My first service and oil change is due at 37,000 Kms!!! I wondered if I need to have it earlier but BMW stick firmly behind their CBS system (Condition Based Servicing) which looks at a variety of parameters on the car and then tells you a date or Km figure for your service. Doing anything before this, I have been assured by many people, is unnecessary.

I haven't driven the D but have heard the torque is a good thing on it - I've also heard that from a fuel perspective you need to do mega-Ks to get the extra cost back but as you have a fuel card, I guess the torque is your main driver.

I've heard you can get the RFTs cheaper than quoted above but I'm on 27,000 and don't need some for a while, so no direct experience yet - i may change to non-RFTs like other members as I've heard bad things about RFTs and like others, I've rarely had punctures.