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Hi guyís
Iím a long time member but I didnít post of forum much. But when Iíve seen post about L.A.X. I had to post
I have feedback for you.
This business is shady ,I went there two years ago to take a look at a gray 328 coupe. Everything looked awesome 10k miles, pristine condition, no scratches nor nick simply perfect. Price was good to, 32k for 8 month old car, where invoice on it was 44K. Paperwork was smooth sailing, but just to make sure I asked for a carfax, and guess what. It was LEMON from CA. I declined the purchase, George was very apologeticÖ so I decided to go with another 328 for the same price and with the same millage ( clean carfax and title). Till this day I was stupid not to walk away. In the last two years I have multiple problems with the car, starting with suspension through rattling noises, drive shaft, transmission, and ending wit multiple electrical problems (fortunately warranty covered everything).
They have cars in great condition in there but something is fishy. Millage on all (7) 328 coupeís that they had was 10k which was weird coincidence. Prices were also all the same. 32k. Iím not sure about you guys but after my experience I say stay away.
BTW it seams that Chntllm member is either Goerge or LucaÖ