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measure the distance from the ground to the center of u're headlights, lets use 2 feet for "EXAMPLE".

position the car 25 feet away on a flat surface facing a wall (u can use u're feet to count the 25ft more or less).

position the beems so that the lights aim 2 feet from the bottom of the wall to the the cut off.

on the drivers side (NA owners) make sure the beam is 2 inches lower.

passenger side keep it at 2 feet.

side note: general rule of thumb is that the drivers side be 4 inches lower and the passenger side only be 2 inches lower, than the height of the ground to the headlight.

but since we drive with huge SUV'S, pickups, ect, that their light is naturally aimed higher, it wouldnt make a big difference to oncoming drivers, an will give u better visibilty.which is why im suggesting to keep the passenger side at the same height as the headlight and only lower the drivers side 2 inches.

hope i helped.

mind u, trying to do this with u're car only 2-3 feet away form a wall wont do much consiudering the beam would only move by millimeters and wont seem like a big change, but when done by a distance, a simple turn raises the lights drasticlaly

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