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Originally Posted by Scott1624 View Post
Hi Guys,
We can't do anything until we sell the Senator but at least we have the car we want in sight.

Questions -
What is the overall feeling of the 320D, what are the pro's and cons.
Are the BMW services expensive, and how about reliability??

With the run flat tyres are they expensive to replace and do you think they give a harder ride.

We havn't yet looked at the options, i won't be going for the Sports pack, been there done that with the HSV, we are after a nice ride.

I read also about the sound systems, what do you guys recommend.

There is good reading in this forum and i will gain alot of info, in the coming weeks before our purchase.

Welcome to the forum. I got my 320d four days ago. After four months wait. So if you like to personalised the car with No cost options and Cost based options, you may need to consider ordring your car early.

Because I am new to bmw as well, I cannot say anything about reliability and service cost.

Not sure about the price of RFT, but I am sure it will be more than $300 for 225/45 W 17 a pop. Some infos from the forum also mention that they go bald a lot quicker than normal tyres.

I am 320d without sport pack.
Pro and Cons of 320d:
- Diesel rattle on stationary is rather loud and very loud if if you stand outside.
- Run Flats has thumping sounds when you are not on smooth bitumens.
- Ride on Run Flat is not comfy ( I have a set of non run flats to compare with)
- Run Flats are expensive.
- BMW has longer bonnets (compared with FWD and Commodore)
- Lack of storage.

- Diesel is very smooth once the car moves
- 3 series is the best handling in its class
- no rattles (on mine)
- Diesel had ultra low fuel consumption. Similar to my Toyota Echo.
- Best auto in the world (ZF)

Sound system Logic7 is one of the best the world made by Harman kardon. But it is costly.
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