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you know he kills little girls like you
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Originally Posted by Thisisdudewhoru View Post
HFCS is a scam. Chemically speaking, high-fructose corn syrup is just a normal sugar. It starts as corn starch, and enzymes are used to convert it into glucose and fructose. Various chemicals extract table sugar from sugar beets and sugar cane. It's also made up of glucose and fructose in virtually the same proportions.

IIRC, that's actually what he says during the video. There is little to no effective difference between HFCS and sucrose as both contain fructose, and fructose, according to Dr. Lustig, is the real problem.

Originally Posted by BrokenVert View Post
Processed sugar. IE any sugar that isnt from sugar cane is bad for you. Your body recognizes it as something different than real sugar and processes it differently than normal sugar. This causes obesity and diabetes.
That's not what the video states. The video goes through the metabolic breakdown of both glucose and fructose, and concludes that fructose, whether occurring naturally as part of sucrose or in manufactured form as HFCS, is largely bad for you because it doesn't metabolize well, causes fat storage, insulin resistance, inflammation that causes lead to heart disease, etc.

Whether or not he's correct, I can't be sure, but he does make a good argument.