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Thanks for all the feedback. I am getting V4 installed tomorrow.

I have had a JB+ in for about a year and it provides good noticeable gains over stock, especially in bottom and mid. It is also an easy 1 min install and removal.

I decided to go to the next level up with the V4. My car is not due for service now until Q1 2012 so I hope I will not have to remove it for a while. It will also be out of warranty by then too.

I like to sound of the more stock like delivery and also the valet mode for the occasions when my wife has the car.

I will not do any further engine mod i.e. DP's etc. the only other mod I would look at is an LSD but I will see how the car goes with V4 and no LSD.

PS: I don't have a lease either - I'm sure we are a small group!

2008 E90 335i MSport, Blacklines, Tint, V4