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Originally Posted by Scooterman View Post
Thanks for all the feedback. I am getting V4 installed tomorrow.

I have had a JB+ in for about a year and it provides good noticeable gains over stock, especially in bottom and mid. It is also an easy 1 min install and removal.

I decided to go to the next level up with the V4. My car is not due for service now until Q1 2012 so I hope I will not have to remove it for a while. It will also be out of warranty by then too.

I like to sound of the more stock like delivery and also the valet mode for the occasions when my wife has the car.

I will not do any further engine mod i.e. DP's etc. the only other mod I would look at is an LSD but I will see how the car goes with V4 and no LSD.

PS: I don't have a lease either - I'm sure we are a small group!
I have not driven a car with the JB tune fitted so I can't comment on it's features or performance. I am sure you will like the Procede though.

If you are able, it is useful to watch the installation of the Procede in person. There are videos of installation and removal on the internet. If you need to remove the Procede for any reason, seeing the installation in person, can make the online videos easier to follow.

Be sure to post your impressions of the Procede after it has had a chance to do its "Autotune" thing. I take the AutoTune function for granted now. Thats what happens when you are spoilt with update after update. There has been some very clever engineering implemented to make the Procede what it is today, especially the input from downunder (you can thank Adrian for that). I am excited to see where the Procede will be and what it can do in the next 12months/2years.

A Procede tuned F10 550i may very well be an attractive alternative to the F10 M5 by then.
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