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you can get the gt3 rs wheel which has had alot of improvements recently and they got it ready for the gt5 game, but it wont play xbox.

i just picked up the rs wheel and clubsport pedals for 370$ since i threw my xbox away, forever.

the chair i actually found a company that was selling off their inventory last fall , and they only wanted 100 bux for the frame and seat, its called gt evolution. its pretty comfy and sturdy, no matter how hard u race it is not going anywhere. so i think i got a deal there
oh and i got it on ebay.

Originally Posted by hl0m4n View Post
Clubsport Pedals: $200
Shifter: $50
911 Turbo S Wheel (PS3, 360, PC: Only Wheel 3 Way Compatible): $350
Total: $600

G27: $210
Playseats Evolution: $329
Total: $539

my friend has the fanatec and although it is nice, imo it does not justify the $390 price difference between the g27. the g27 is like right behind the fanatec minus the brake feedback vibration which i don't believe many games are supporting anyway.

and with the g27 setup i can get the play seats evolution seats and still save $61 over the fanatec setup without a mounting setup.

PS: m3sparky what seat is that?
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