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Originally Posted by AlanQS View Post
... but nevertheless, I'm going to mention it.

When I bought my E92, a serious contender was the 520d SE and one thing I noted was although the 320d SE coupe was dearer than the 520d SE, it did have more equipment (January 2008) like full 2 zone ATC, xenon lights, ambient lighting, Professional radio, sports wheel - and it was prettier, but you did get more sheet metal for your money with the Five.

Tonight, for casual amusement, I specced a 520d SE the way I'd like it and then specced a 320d SE coupe to as close as I could get to the Five series.

The Five was a couple of hundred pounds LESS than the E92 yet (in my spec) it had all the kit the E92 had PLUS, 4 zone climate control, rear heated seats, variable damper control, rear and side cameras, power operated boot - and a whole lot more sheet metal.

I can only conclude that the E92 is unimportant to BMW and an excuse to shag E92 buyers in particular which leads me to bemoan the fact that I had to like best, the model range that BMW charges most for.

Seems an odd thing to complain about I suppose, but when my car crashes and bangs over the most innocuous disparities in road levels, it just makes me think "and it's the worst value for money."
Is that list for list.. the 3 coupe would probably end up cheaper once discount is taken into consideration as you would get a better discount than on the 520d (at this moment in time).