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Yeah, after I told them I heard a humming while driving and a slight pull, they aligned the car for me (of course not covered under warranty). The dude then told me the knuckle and strut were bent and they couldn't get the alignment in spec. Said the caster was out 1* on that side and that it would screw up my tire on that side (complete BS). Then he told me they'd fix it for $1700 or whatever. I just told em no way, I'll do it myself and get coilovers for that price lol.

So yeah, got my performance shocks/struts and H&R springs, in addition to a new knuckle. I'll see how bad the knuckle is (if at all) and then replace as necessary. So far, the parts have cost me about $450, even with shipping, for used springs and new shocks/struts and knuckle. Oh, and about $200 for a new tire to replace the one with the bubble. So I'm saving myself over a grand. Just don't see where the $1000 worth of labor comes in.