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....of crse these runflats are non-repairable, only if you cant find a repair facility that does it.

Most reason they are not repairable is most gas station and tire facility dont have the experience dealing with these hard teflon sided tires, plus they dont like to deal with the liability, so they simple say "its not repairable, but we can get you the same tire in 24-48 hrs. for $340"

I bought 17" takeoffs with runflats, prevous owner didnt know he was drving them with a screw on one tire shoulder threaded area.

I thought I was screwed, for couldnt get a good repair facility to repair it, until I run into one, and he charged me $38 dollars, a little more that the average gas station plug, but its worth it. For he took the entire tire off, sanded the small hole and patched it from the inside. I have over 1500miles on it now, and have taken it to speeds of over 85mph.

The thing about this runflat is, it all depends on the type of tire damage you have, not all can be fixed, but in my case i was lucky. I would imagine if you had a blowout and were running that tire at 50mph for a good 100 miles, definitely I would like to have that replaced. For the tire structural integrity has weaken and is in question, using the said example that I mentioned.

Plus, in most cases, if you have dealer RFTs and would really like to beat the system, do the following:

1. Soon, as you get the car from the lot, stop by major Tire-Dealer like NTB, and get a road hazard coverage for your OEM tires for $80-120 for the life of the tire.

2. and call your car insurance and see if they can cover your wheels from damages like bent or cracking. Damages that low-profiles are more susceptible to. My insurance cover my wheels with no deductible for $12/6mos. not bad eh!

... with the savings that you have earned, use that to help offset the cost of a winter set, or perhaps a much earned accesories, like a jack-kit or nice rear deck spoiler.

... its my thoughts, my .02 cents.

I believe in the dealer $300-599 wheel insurance once, until I found I better way @!

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