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Originally Posted by Mr. 5 View Post
This doesn't prove I'm wrong.
This doesn't take into account the multiplication of each gear ratio and that dyno is trying to normalize the power.
This is why we see the numbers we do instead of seeing 12,000+ ft lbs to the wheels.
Sorry, try again.
I understand how gear ratios work. However you seem to not grasp the idea how power curves work based on loads on the engine. Apply your gear correction factors when you actually have a graph of htat gear. You cannot apply 1st gear correction numbers to a 4th gear power curve. Sorry, Try again.
Like stated by me and others. There are TWO ways to figure out the optimal shift point for your car.

1. Do a 1/4 on a mustang dyno and apply gear correction factors. You can't simply use a one gear pull as it is not accurate and will not remain constant through an entire run.

2. Do the same on the road while logging with a g meter. Log a couple different shift points and see what gets you the highest overall number. You need to actually log the shift.