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This should be a sticky, so bump for new members too.

I found the Focal 100KRS (aka 100KP, aka K2 Power 4KSlim) which should fit in both E92 and E90 cars for USD300 shipped (EUR199) brand new. I have seen these sell for $800 and $400+ used or so? If anyone is interested... let me know. Shipping from here to the US wouldnt be more than $50.

They come with tweeters, crossovers and some grills.

I need them since I blew a BSW mid+tweet. My fault - I wanted to see how loud it could get so I stepped outside the car and cranked it up all the way with the MS8 remote. I forgot that at 2 Ohms, my amp is rated at 320W/channel RMS - I was looking at the 4Ohms numbers. The heatshrink tubing went from black to some kind of whiteish black and there was some minor damage due to heat in that area. It only happened on the right, maybe because I had L7 on and set to driver, so more volume there? Anyway, I will comment back on the Focals once I put them in.