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Originally Posted by Doctor T View Post
Damn, I'd be pissed if they drilled my car after giving instructions not to. There was also a study done by the Canadian Army that ranked the Krown formula quite good at preventing corrosion on vehicles. (Although they apply the oil themselves). What's your thoughts on getting it done now vs spring time?
I read that about the Army using Krown too. Krown seems to be the best formulation out there.

And I would be pissed too if I told them no drilling and they still did it. If I say "no drilling" I want them to detail for me the procedure in terms of what they will do if they don't drill. Then I want to watch them do it if possible.

I would think getting it done before the winter is better. It's really like an oil sealant. It's not meant to be permanent so getting it done now will protect the underside from the salt water getting in. In the spring, you'd just give it a good pressure wash and the oil will be washed off along with the salt. (or at least that's what others have told me - including a coworker who used to be a mechanic)

Originally Posted by Doctor T View Post
Ok, I read that the BMW Performance Exhaust actually reduced power based on 135 before/after dyno tests. I'll check out the Dinan exhaust. Thanks for the update. Interesting point on the overheating turbos. The performance air intake may cool them down a bit?
Sorry I meant the Dinan Performance Intake. It will increase performance by about 14 HP for a Dinan Stage 3 software. I think the high cap oil cooler will also help with the HPFP's. Luckily mine has one but some 335's are now shipping without them.

I'm seriously considering the Dinan route since looking at what they have, it's quite reasonable.