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While it is a given that US health care is quite expensive, it is difficult to compare costs to those countries that utilize a social medicine system. While the patient is treated to low costs in health care, the bill is still "getting paid" in the from of an elevated tax base. This may be part of the reason, that a lot more people are paying $100,000 plus for an M3 and $8.50 a gallon for gas in other parts of the world.

I have experience with the German health care system. Did you know that the ER can make the assessment that you are not experiencing a true emergency and can turn you away from care with the recommendation that you follow up with your primary care provider? That is a great way to cut costs!

This would never happen in the US. It would not be because the ER staff did not care, it would the ever-present threat of a lawsuit. A threat that is also not very common in other countries. Anyone ever consider what tort reform would do to the costs of health care?

There is a large emphasis placed on preventative medicine in other parts of the world, which also trims costs. When the ER is not used a primary care facility, everyone wins.
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