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All the cars look amazing, no doubt and not wishing to be the negative one here, but I really can't get too excited by this. Do we honestly think this will happen?

Lotus's staple product (the Elise) is 15 years old and will be 20 by the time it is replaced.
The Evora is nice but expensive when compared to its natural rival (the Cayman) and inside it is not fantastically constructed and is an ergonomic mess.

Lotus, in my opinion, would make better use of their (obviously considerable) funds by improving the build quality of their current models before trying to take on the likes of Ferrari and Aston Martin.

I honestly cannot see that Lotus can expect to change from building what and how it currently does, to that proposed line-up of models in just 5 short years as well as take an exponential leap forward in perceived and actual quality.

Producing show cars is one thing.
Making them is another.
Making them to the standard that will people will walk away from a Porsche/Ferrari/Lambo/Aston is another entirely.

Not denying that Lotus know how to make a car ride and handle. And their engine partnership with Toyota is obviously working well.

But people ponying up 75k and upwards for their motors are going to be looking for quality, something which Lotus need to demonstrate in the market place now, before going head to head with some of the worlds finest car manufacturers.
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