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Originally Posted by RagingKileak View Post
Sorry to hear this op.

On a lighter note. How do we feel about buggery as a punishment?

Vincent Vega once said 'you never FUCK; with another mans automobile.' and he was right.

Hypothetical situation.

Scrote tries to nick your wheels. You spot him, give chase, his mates scatter and you catch one. Adrenaline takes over, you whip it out (rubber no doubt) and give him a good side order of pork sword then boot him on his way.

Would he go to the police?

Evening son...
Now den geezer, some guy just bummed me innit...
Chortle, you what...
Yeah geezer, I was out wiv dick and dom nicking this geezers wheels, when e clocks me and gives me one up tha trumper...
Chortle... Alright son, fuck off then...

On the other hand. How does the community see that...? I mean if I came on here and flip reversed this post - told you the story above, but that I'd caught the fucker and bummed him...

Well... (Helen) would that punishment fit the crime? How many of you would say... Matt you sick fucker!!!? And how many would say... Well... I wouldn't do it, but good on ya. That'll make the little bastard think twice.

Just some food for thought. I've never buggered a fella before... Doubt I would unless in some kind of prison 'live or die' scenario.

Meh. Prob I'm pissed lol.

This has just become my favouriote post of 2010.
Of any forum I visit.
Truely hilarious (if not a little creepy!)
Well played sir.
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