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Ah fuckers!

That wing is plastic right? I don't know how you go about removing a dent from plastic, perhaps with a heatgun or something.

Sorry that this has happened to you.

Originally Posted by scooba0010 View Post
I park as far from the store as possible and fingers crossed i have been safe.
Quite, I always park at the opposite end of the carpark to the supermarket entrance. People are so careless/have so little respect for other people's property, frankly it's sickening.

My missus used to hate me for doing this (I even used to do with the my old Fiesta) but now she is starting to understand. I hate parking in amongst the hoi polloi because people knock trolleys around, kids (and adults) swing doors open and people pulling out of spaces often clip other parked cars.

I just try to keep as far away from all that as possible.